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Data Protection & Cleansing

The bedrock of Customer Relationship Management is good quality customer data which has data protection preferences for each individual.  Tonica can complete a customer address file data audit on a complimentary basis to understand the quality of your existing data – this will include a review of address quality and reports on the levels of ‘gone aways’ within your file.  The primary objective of this work will be to reduce returned mail and to ensure any segmentation is based on a valid customer base.

The next step will be to look at your data protection preferences if you have a consumer database (as opposed to business-to-business contacts).  There are a number of aspects to consider including how your data was obtained, for example, is it all from customers that have volunteered their details or have you purchased or attained data from your partners?  We will complete a full data audit to look at the types of customers you have within your database in order to help us design an appropriate solution for you.  Ideally all customers will have been asked opt-in data protection questions when their information was submitted.  We can help write data protection guidelines for your organisation and website in order to meet legal requirements and optimise sign up to information.

After these two stages have been completed (in as little as one or two business days), we can move onto the more interesting work – who are your customers?  What is their geographic spread?  Would you like Tonica to match valuable customers to Mosaic files to begin estimating their demographics and lifestyles?  Are there any hotspots in the UK or globally where your customers are based and how can your marketing engage with more potential customers in the same locations?  Tonica will be able to provide the answers to all these questions and more by analysing your existing customer database.