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Market Research & Insight

We pride ourselves on our ability to gain insight from a variety of data sources to create a holistic understanding of your organisation and its customers.

Our market research expertise is firmly centred in quantitative research using online, self-completion and telephone methodologies.  We also understand the value of qualitative insight and recommend that all projects include open ended questions to get to the heart of your customers and their feelings about your organisation.

Within the arts sector, we have particular experience in providing insight and strategic advice on the demographics of current and potential audiences.  We are also well versed in using publicly available information and existing research to create powerful statistics in order to support funding bids.  Read our Southbank Centre and Octagon Theatre case studies for examples of our market research work in the arts.

Don’t know where to start?

Nothing makes us happier than reviewing insight needs for your organisation.  You may well have a lot of information at your fingertips that we can cost effectively pull together to create meaningful insight for you.  We can create return on investment cases or simply produce end of year reports using insights from sales, price type analysis, geographic mapping and website analytics.

Connecting with a new customer base?

If you’re connecting with customers and audiences for the first time, or would like to, have a chat with us about how desk research or market research may be able to help you achieve your goals.

How valuable is your brand?

Many small businesses and arts organisations know their brand is inherently valuable but find it difficult to quantify when entering into business negotiations or sponsorship deals.  Using market research panels offers a cost effective and quick solution to understanding how valuable your brand is in your region, the UK and globally, helping you to optimise your income from partnership activities.