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Tonica has the capability to analyse large data sets in order to gain a deeper understanding of the data you hold.  If you have a consumer database, do you know how valuable your top 100 customers are?  Do you have a different communication strategy for these valuable customers?  Tonica can analyse your database and match it with market planning techniques to give viable recommendations for future communication strategy.

You may already have a good understanding of your customers as well as reviewing their data protection preferences regularly, but want to gain an understanding of how to segment them.  This is where a customer segmentation approach will benefit your organisation.  There are a number of options for completing segmentation studies including attitudinal (based on their answers to research questions), rule-based (using what you know about your customers from their purchase history with you) and cluster analysis based on purchase history (using software that will generate mutually exclusive groups of customers).  We can guide you through the whole customer segmentation process – from creating your objectives to delivering the final segmentation bespoke to your organisation.